Algoma Contractors Inc.


Industrial and Commercial Waterproofing Solutions

As certified applicators of Tremco, Gemite, Grace, Soprema and W.R.Meadows products, Algoma’s industrial waterproofing solutions include:

  • Under slab - Eliminate moisture infiltration at under-slabs through the application of a properly designed and installed waterproofing membrane that is placed between the ground and the slab.
  • Liquid membrane - Save time, money, and effort with a high-performance liquid waterproofing membrane. Liquid waterproofing solutions sprayed or hand applied to surfaces like balconies, decks, roofs and car parks seamlessly protect against lateral water migration.
  • Self-adhered sheet applied - Sheet membranes are thin layers of water-tight material laid over a surface. The most common type of sheet-based membrane is a bituminous waterproofing membrane. These sheets provide a waterproof barrier.
  • Cold fluid applied - Where complete coverage with a sheet membrane is unlikely, cold fluid-applied membranes are an ideal solution.
  • Hot-applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membranes - for vertical and horizontal applications. Ideal for waterproofing parking, plaza, bridge, tunnels, promenade decks, pedestrian concourses; and similar types of construction where a monolithic waterproofing membrane is desirable.
  • Cementitious - uses a cement-based polymer coating to form a barrier against water vapour, moisture and water. Breathable, seamless coatings applied by spray or brushing over masonry patching, behind tile and concrete surfaces to protect reinforced concrete structures.

Types of Cementitious Waterproofing

Any structure with a concrete base utilizes cementitious waterproofing. This coating can be broken down into two main types:

Crystalline cementitious waterproofing systems

Crystalline systems are used on the positive and negative sides of concrete structures filling in cracks, capillaries and pores to prevent water from seeping through.

Flexible cementitious waterproofing systems

Flexible systems are suitable for structures in constant contact with water including:

  • Basements
  • Storage tanks
  • Pumping stations

Cementitious waterproofing is widely recognized as one of the most effective methods for waterproofing. Contact Algoma today to find a waterproofing solution that’s right for your industrial or commercial application.