Protective Coatings

High performance coatings are designed to protect surfaces from a corrosive or abrasive environment, these coatings are mainly used for primary and secondary containment. Primary containment, as one example, would be the inside surfaces of a tank or vessel. The outside surfaces would be considered secondary, as is, a spill containment area as we. All these require a knowledge and experience in the various types of preparations and applications. Architectural finishes on the other hand are mostly decorative and are not as complex.

  • Architectural
  • Elastomeric polyurethanes
  • 100% solids epoxy coatings
  • Chemical resistant coatings
  • Abrasion resistant coatings
  • Built-Up floor coating systems
  • Traffic topping

Services we provide

  • Range from all types of surface preparation; from abrasive blast cleaning to high pressure water blasting and all types of coatings; from conventional to pluro component.
  • Trained and certified applicators of 100% solids elastomeric polyurethanes.
  • Nace certified inspected coatings.
  • Specifically trained crews for application of broadcast and built up flooring system.
  • Specialize in the management of environmental control to maintain proper coating cure and adhesion.
  • We can provide inspection, testing and value engineering to find the appropriate coating to perform to your expectations.

We have applied coatings to:

Steel bridges and bridge abutments, digester sludge holding tanks, chemical containment areas, plant floors ,mechanical equipment, piping, water holding tanks and reservoirs, structural steel, masonry and reinforced concrete buildings, ships and ship hauls, just to name a few.

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