Structural Rehabilitation

The process of repairing old deteriorated or corroded concrete construction and restoring it to the original capacity. Restoring is simply bringing the structural integrity back to engineering standards without the costly expense of total reconstruction. Some of the ways these structures are repaired is by strengthening, injecting and form and pour.

  • Scaling/spalling repair
  • Rebar removal/replacement
  • Epoxy injection
  • Urethane injection
  • Carbon fibre strengthening
  • Expansion joint removal/replacement
  • Underlayment/thin-set
  • Surfacing

Algoma Contractors provides

  • Comprehensive solutions to clients faced with consequent defects in all types of structures.
  • Inspection and testing.
  • Specialized job specific supervision.
  • Structural repair of all types of buildings
  • Sewage and water retaining structures
  • Highways and bridges
  • Reinforced concrete buildings
  • Marine structures
  • Parking garages
  • Paved areas
  • Trained personnel with qualifications in several disciplines.

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